Agent Zero’s mission is to support agency partners with UX services as they deliver compelling website projects for their end clients.

User Experience [ UX ] Design

User experience forms the solid foundation of an effective website that delivers on its goals. User experience is defined as the overall experience of a person using a product (such as a website or application) and how easy or pleasing they find this experience to be.

A successful user experience will fulfill the website goals for all key stakeholders. We define those goals by writing audience use cases, collecting requirements, analyzing competitive frame, incorporating creative vision, organizing content, and choosing the right technologies.
Ask yourself, what makes the difference between a smooth project (and happy client) and an unsuccessful one that goes off the rails? The difference is effective UX.
Enter Agent Zero Mission UX:
We’re like buying insurance to ensure your next web project will go smoothly.
View a Typical UX Engagement Timeframe and Agent Zero Role
Roles During the "Discover" Phase

Agent Zero Mission UX

Perform current site audit and competitive site analysis, review site goals, gather requirements, write use cases, and gather any feedback from key stakeholders.

Agency Role

Provide site goals and audience profiles, along with any relevant client background or intake already completed. Serve as the client point of contact and perform project management and content planning.

Development Team

Serve as the overall system architect, reviewing high level requirements and responsible for technology stack validation and planning.

Roles During the "Design" Phase

Agent Zero Mission UX

We provide consulting and feedback during the creative process as needed. This is primarily internal (with the agency) but could be client-facing if requested.

Agency Role

Creative brief and website design. Creative feedback and revisions. Content planning. Client and project management.

Development Team

Technology consulting. Initial “smoke testing” if necessary. Configure development environment. Assemble functional requirements based on site requirements, UX, and UI design.

Roles During the "Development" Phase

Agent Zero Mission UX

UX consulting and feedback during site construction. This is primarily internal (with the agency) but could be client-facing if requested.

Agency Role

Artwork asset development, content curation, and content population into the site. Client and project management.

Development Team

Website development, site building and integrations (if/as necessary). Configuration for all functional requirements and supported environments.

Roles During the "Deployment" Phase

Agent Zero Mission UX

UX consulting during QA (Quality Assurance) testing.

Agency Role

QA review and feedback with development team.  Training and launch planning with client. Client and project management.

Development Team

QA testing and debugging. Deploy and launch site. Post launch support.

Key UX Outcomes

Manage Client Expectations

Answer the tough questions early in the process, addressing user experience issues before they become problems.

Protect Project Timeline/Budgets

Setting goals and gathering requirements early will help ensure timelines and budgets are set up for success.

Guide the Creative Process

Sitemaps and wireframes will help guide the creative process, ensuring it meets stated requirements and fulfills audience use cases.

Web Development Roadmap

We make sure nothing gets “lost in translation” so that everyone can work efficiently as the development phase begins.

Mission UX Service Offering

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User-centric design research is important to discover and validate both what we know and don’t know about expected user behavior on a given site.


Identifying and collecting business and functional requirements is key to successful UX design and will inform the creative process and development roadmap (technical requirements) to follow.

Use Cases

Translating key audiences into specific actions you want them to take on a website is key to user experience and will help define what measurable success looks like.

Site Audit & Competitive Frame

An objective assessment of the current site along with competitor sites will uncover strengths and weaknesses while we calibrate against our competition. This process may also include inspiration sites to help broaden perspectives.


Assembling a proper sitemap early in the process will help guide site architecture, navigation, content and data planning along with the overall project scope.

Wireframe Development

Wireframe development is critical to defining the overall user experience and will ensure all functional requirements are met along with fulfilling the priority use cases identified for each key user group. It will also drive the creative process to follow.

Website UI (Creative) Design

Website design ensures the user experience is professional and engaging while projecting a company’s brand across the entire site experience. Good website design will unify this experience and help the user consume messaging in a way that is both meaningful and inviting.


Informed and objective feedback throughout the website project life cycle is important to ensure the UX vision is carried through from creative to site buildout.

How We Work With You

These are your clients and we take that responsibility seriously. Our job is to make you look good and strengthen your client relationships – it’s a win, win, win for everyone involved – you as the agency, your client, and Agent Zero!

White label or transparent partner


Client and internal meeting availability


Simple master services agreement (includes non-compete)




Flexible to add scope later as needed


NDAs and confidentiality


Fast scoping/estimating with eSign

Agent Zero Leadership Team

Jason Voiovich and Joe Rodenwald started Agent Zero Mission UX to fill an important need they saw while working with agencies and industry partners over the last 20 years.

Agent Jason

Agent Joe

Agency Partner Testimonials

Mojo has worked with Jason and Joe on UX design for over 10 years. We are thrilled to hear that they have formed Agent Zero Mission UX to specifically address this need. Agent Zero speaks everyone’s language to ensure everyone’s needs are met –from the agency and creative team to the end client to the web development team. The UX services they provide are like a bridge to keep everything (and everybody) running smoothly. Thanks Agent Zero!

Terri Cope
Partner and Account Director – Mojo

Agent Zero is always my first call when I have a new website project. They have deep knowledge of the technology and integration necessary to make any new website idea into a reality. Beyond their knowledge, they have the ability to convey it to those of us not steeped in technology, including clients, and creative talent who need to translate their ideas and design into a simple User Experience. I highly recommend bring them in early so there is a smooth process through each step of objectives, concept, budget, requirements, design and development.

Jim Cousins
VP Business Development – Augeo Marketing

Agency Account Experience

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